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Pictures from Turkey

My trips with the Westren Galilee Guides forum

01TuzGoluGoin by the west and dry part of the Salt Lake (Tuz Golu)
02sultanhaniSultanhani a seljuk caravanserai
03ihlaraHiking Hilara valy
04SelimeMonExploring Selime monastery
05kaymakliThe underground city of Kaymakli
06uchisarThe castle of Uchisar
07ayvaliSights from Ayvali after eating at the excellent restaurant www.aravan.com 08goremeThe room we slept in Goreme
09cavusinA hike above Cavusin
(Thanks to meidanv.blogspot.com )
10goreme_muzeGoreme open museum
11hacibektasEthnical museum and the burial place of Hacibektas
13WaytoIlgazPassThe way to Ilgaz mountain pass
14KastamonuWood industry and shoping at Kastamonu
15KasabaThe old wooden mosque and the area of Kasaba
16Kadaba2VallaAlong the way from Kasaba to Valla canyon
17VallaVeIlicaValla canyon and ilica waterfall
18BlackSeaReaching the black sea
19KurucasileVery kind boat builders at Kurucasile
20AmasraThe peaceful town of Amasra
21Way2SfranbuloDriving to Sfranbulo
22SafranboluSfranbulo the city of Saffron and old wooden houses
23AnkaraA store of minaret tops and a huge bread :)

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